Business Blogging

This site is dedicated to the thousands of professionals who have been told to start a business blog. Most professionals have no clue regarding what to expect and how to set up and manage a blog site.

First, a few ground rules…

  • This site  is not an Internet Marketing Site designed to connect you to others strictly for revenue generation.
  • This site’s intention is to give you information regarding the tips, techniques and models for using a blog site.
  • There are a couple of affiliate links to providers that I personally use and feel they are reputable and responsible people and businesses.
  • I am not a professional web designer or have an type of internet marketing business.
  • I am a professional consultant who learned how to set up and manage websites after very negative experiences with so-called web designers.
  • Since 2006, I have been the webmaster for our company.
  • To learn what and how to do things, I have attended over 450 hours of workshops, webinars and conference sessions to learn how to run a blog.
  • And, did I mention I took on this webmaster title at age 56 and just turned 63 – so don’t tell me you’re too old to do this.

The Purpose of this site to give information and helpful tips to the hundreds and thousands of professionals and small business owners who have been told they need a blog as well as a website.

So let me share one of the most important lessons I have learned during the six years of maintaining websites (yes I learned how to use HTML code early on ) and what is an easier or simpler pathway for you.

  1. No longer do you need to have separate sites or subdomains to use a blog with your website.
  2. WordPress 3.0 (currently version 3.2.1) changed the game for web designers and people like me – the WordPress engine is more like a Content Management System than ever before.
  3. I currently use 22 WordPress driven sites and they look and act like professional websites rather than an old fashioned Weblog.
  4. You will need to think about the primary purpose for your blog site before launching.
  5. Currently, I have credibility sites, lead generation sites, e-commerce sites, training sites, and membership sites – all running on the WordPress 3.2.1 engine.
  6. Original content is one of the most important – if not the most important – elements of the business blogging process – do not copy others work and place it on your site. Google is watching all the time – 7 X 24 and will slap you if you cheat. (No one will find you using Google.)
  7. I can change any text or information on a blog from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection – putting me in control of my sites..

So enjoy the site and tell your professional friends and buddies about this site so they can learn some important information. Worst case you will learn how to keep your webmasters honest regarding what is available to use.